Effective Tanning Solutions To Achieve

The Look You Want

Bed Tanning

Get the perfect golden glow that you’ve always wanted with our top-of-the-line tanning beds.  In as little as 8 minutes in our lay-down Super Bed, you can have the golden-brown look you’ve been hoping for.

We also have the best stand-up tanning booth available: the 9 minute Cyclone, high-pressure stand-up bed that gives you the brown, beachy look and 41,000 units of Vitamin D!

  • Cyclone Stand Up Bed
  • Tanses Super Bed
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Organic Spray Tanning

Achieve the perfect golden brown bronzing color for that special occasion or simply because you want to have the extra tanning look without using a tanning bed.

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Medical Aesthetics

Our world-class facility provides full body, breast, and face enhancements

Spa Services

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating, stress-relieving pampering


Our nutrition counselors suggest and administer body-enriching nutrients


Choose from a wide variety of tanning options, from bed tanning to organic spray